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 Alongside services believes that we all need someone to walk alongside us when facing life difficulties. According to the bible a spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can walk alongside each other. Together we will find faith-based solutions and work through these difficulties.

Meet Our Counseling Staff

Leslie Guttromson is Alongside's director and lead counselor.  She is a graduate of the University of Idaho where she earned her BS in Psychology with an emphases in  Family and Child Therapy.  She has also completed training as a Biblical Counselor with ACBC.

Leslie has a passion for God's healing and grace and welcomes the opportunity to walk alongside anyone who desires His healing in their life.

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C.T., Coeur d' Alene

  As a faith based counselor, Leslie has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a licensed social work. Leslie created a safe, compassionate space for me to share my personal pain and hurt without judgement. With the help of Leslie’s compassionate listening and counseling skills I have been able to heal, have the courage to attend college and earn a degree. Most importantly, without Leslie freely expressing God’s love for me in her work, I would not have the deep relationship with God that I have today.    

S.P., Hayden

  Leslie was and is absolutely amazing! I felt so comfortable sharing with her and was so thankful for her always being so supportive and encouraging.

C.J., Coeur d' Alene

  Leslie has blessed my life since she was my Celebrate Recovery Accountability.   She was a gracious, wise and patient leader, and became a trusted friend. I often reflect on what I learned under Leslie’s guidance to enhance my own walk and the lives of those around me."  

R.K., Hayden

  Our decision to make changes starts with each and everyone of us. I have had the privilege to have had Leslie as a counselor/mentor in the Celebrate Recovery Program several years ago. She will guide you, support you, pray with and for you on your new journey. You will not regret that your path and hers have crossed 

P.R. Coeur d' Alene

  Leslie was a leader, and encouraging coach who I greatly admired. Together she helped not just me, but many woman to accept love and forgiveness.  I remember our times of sharing and laying bare our hurts, pains and struggles and Leslie always showed grace, love and guidance in our journey through recovery. I learned forgiveness toward those who I felt wronged me, but most importantly I learned forgiveness of self. I was free to love and be loved, free to choose, free to live in the present and free to let go of the past. Purposeful living requires being present.  Leslie helped me see that. 

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